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Welcome to the 600th Birthday of Kosmach

Welcome to visit Kosmach village on its 600th Birthday celebration 12 July 2012 !

As you may know, Kosmach is the most special, unique and the largest village in the Carpathian mountains, Ukraine. There are around 3 000 local artists of folk arts and crafts in Kosmach. It is the cultural centre of the Carpathians and Hutsul people, Ukrainian ethnos with very bright and well preserved cultural tradition.

Here’s the list of events at the celbration:

11 July the Celebration starts with the Regional Tournament of Dju Do.

12 July big Gala-concert of folk groups and singers, Beauty Contest “Kosmach Queen”, Exhibition & sale of folk crafts and souvenirs, Hutsul (Carpathian) Food Testing.

13 July commences The 8th International Congress of Easter Egg (Pysanka) Painters, Conference “Pysanka Unites Ukrainians”, Master classes in Easter Eggs’ Painting and a large exhibiton of Easter Eggs. Presentation of the album “Hanna Vintonyak” and conference “Cosmach in the history of Hutsulshchyna and Ukraine”.


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