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Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

Carpathian stone wall


1 km from the tract "Bovkoty",<!--[if Данный XML-элемент]><![endif]-->

Dolyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region


The wall is located at a distance of about 1 km from the tract "Bovkoty" (on the right bank of Luzhanka river) in the forest Matiyevets. The stone slabs are stretching for a few hundred meters as emerging from the depth of the ages. Different vaults are charming, inspiring fear and leading to reflection on eternity...

Near the wall there is a former bunker, where on October 3, 1950 the warriors of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - Ukrainian Insurrectional Army (OUN UPA) and the leader of the regional department Doroshenko (Vasyl Hoshovsky) died heroically. This is testified by the inscriptions on stones and stories of local residents about the tough fights here.

Vasyl M. Hoshovsky (pseudo Doroshenko) was born in 1921 in Stankivtsi village of Dolyna county. In 1947 the Bolsheviks evacuated the family of Hoshovsky (his father and mother, five sisters and brother) to Karaganda in Kazakhstan.

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