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Church of St. Panteleimon


Shevchenkove village, Halych district

Ivano-Frankivsk region




The only remained white-stone church of the Galician-Volyn principality


This temple is the most distinctive architectural monument of the princely Halych city of the late XII century. It was built in 1194 by Galician-Volyn Prince Roman Mstyslavovych in honor of his grandfather - the Kyiv Prince Iziaslav (whose Christian name is Panteleimon).

From the second half of the twelfth century the seat of the Bishops of the Kyiv Metropolis, and later (from 1304) – of the Galician Metropolis was here. The church was sanctified into cathedral for the catholic archbishop (in about 1344), after the capture of Galicia by Poland. Then it got the name - the church of St.Stanislaw. The temple started to degrade after the movement of the archiepiscopacy from Halych to Lviv city. In 1595 King Sygizmunt III transferred the church into the ownership of the monastery of St. Francis Order in Halych. The temple was completely rebuilt by Franciskans during the 1598-1611 into basilica church with significant signs of the baroque style.

The temple suffered from destruction, but the largest was during a cannon firing in 1915.

In the XX century the monument was several times restored. The last reconstruction was finished in 1998.

Today this is the Greek-Catholic church, which exterior and interior are close to the original.

Since the first written mention about the temple dates back to 1327 year, its earlier history was read through graffiti on the walls of the building.



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