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Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

Tourist and art complex “St. Mykolay Estate”


Pistyn village, Kosiv district,

Ivano-Frankivsk region., 78633 
tel: +380(3478)2-85-50

e-mail: st.nicholas.estate@gmail.com



Saint Mykolaj's post:

National natural park "Hutsulshchyna"

Druzhby Str., 84

Kosiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, 78600





The only complex in Ukraine, where of St. Mykolay lives. (Christian saint Mykolay Wonder-Worker is his prototype)

The foundation of St. Mykolay estate on the area of the National Nature Park “Hutsulschyna” in a picturesque corner of Pokuts'ko-Bukovina mountains has historical ground with the roots in the pre-Christian era and is connected with the local traditions of celebrating St. Mykolay Day. In winter celebrations there is always the image of St. Mykolay – Wonder-Worker as identification of good and humanism.

This idea is similar to such well-known projects as "Rovaniemi - motherland of Santa Claus” in Finland and “Velyky Ustiug - motherland of Did Moroz” in Russia.

Each year on December 19th thousands of guests come to take part in the celebration “Oh, who, who loves St.Mykolay...”. A festival of New Year tree decorations and Christmas toys has been initiated here.

During the whole year St. Mykolay receives letters from children and answers them. This place is the home of tales, good, cultural and national values.

There is a living room of St. Mykolay here, room-museum of New Year-Christmas toys in the estate. The museum of nature at the estate has a rich collection.

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Halytska str., 4A,
phone/fax +380 342 502474
e-mail: rtic.if.ua@gmail.com

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