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Hoshiv monastery


Hoshiv village, Dolyna district, 
Ivano-Frankivsk region
tel.:+38 (03477) 30532


There are different stories about the monastery creation. The first monastery in Hoshev was founded in 1570, at the foot of nowadays monastery in the valley "Black rustler". But this wooden structure was burnt by the Tatars. The monastery was again built up on the top of Yasna Mountain after the second advent of the Tatar Mongols and became known thanks to the miraculous icon of the Mother of God.

In 1735 a copy of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God from the monastery of the town Belz in the Lviv region appeared in the estate of a wealthy nobleman Hoshivskiy, residing near Peremyshlyany. Every Saturday this noble kindled a lamp in front of the icon and the family prayed. And this icon announced its miraculous power: once the wall of the estate and the icon on it remained intact during the fire. In 1736 there was a new miracle – the icon began to shine. When this light disappeared, the tears streamed out of the Mother of God eyes. The owner was afraid to keep on this icon because of such wonderful actions; he presented it to the monastery and almost became its founder, giving also a part of his property and income for its development. The monastery was named after its donor - Hoshivskiy. At this time the monastery was built out of brick, since the wooden buildings had been three times destroyed by invaders during previous 200 years.

The big magic caress of the icon confirmed that the Mother of God selected the Yasna Mountain as a throne to receive the people’s regards. 117 records of the miraculous recovery, salvation, and other signs of powerful protection of the Blessed Virgin were added to the "Monastic Chronicle" by the end of the eighteenth century. Nowadays, people from all over Ukraine come and arrive to Hoshiv Virgin to feel God's mercy and grace.


The monastery was included into the list of the objects, which have been monitored for the accessibility.


Short description of the object accessibility:

There is a parking place near the monastery. The asphalted road goes up from the parking to the monastery, so a person on wheel-chair needs assistance of accompanying person. There are 5 steps at the main temple entrance and no ramp or rails. There is an alternative entrance at the left side of the Church with 1 step (as for January 1, 2011 there is no ramp). The door width is enough to enter on wheel-chair if the second part of the door is opened. There is WC across the parking place, but it is not equipped for disabled.

The temple can be visited by disabled with the assistance of the accompanying persons.

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Halytska str., 4A,
phone/fax +380 342 502474
e-mail: rtic.if.ua@gmail.com

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