Відкритий туризм: доступність відпочинку на Івано-Франківщині для людей з особливими потребами

Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

Resort center “Kosiv”


Kurortna Str., Smodna village, Kosiv district

tel.: +38 (03478) 2-21-92, 2-10-44,

fax: +38 (03478) 2-21-92


The center, which was founded by doctor A. Tarnavskiy in 1891, is placed at the Rybnytsia river bank. It offers the health-treating programs, in particular – upper respiratory ways. It is designed for 200 persons and serves mainly the children. The qualified personnel work here. The necessary medical cabinets with all the equipment function. There are physical therapy cabinet, stomatological, medical massage, cabinet of speleo-therapy, balneological department, cabinet of thermography, gamut of spectrometry, cabinet vitamin oxygen cocktails, cuvettes of mineral water, fitobar; library, concert hall and sport center; different excursions are offered.


The resort was included into the list of the objects, which have been monitored for the accessibility.


Short description of the object accessibility:

The resort center has several different buildings. It is difficult to move on the territory of the center, since the paths are not designed for wheel-chairs and there are steps leading to the buildings. The resort center is not designed for disabled.

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Halytska str., 4A,
phone/fax +380 342 502474
e-mail: rtic.if.ua@gmail.com

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