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Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

Ostrynia Trident


Village Ostrynia, Tlumach district,

Ivano-Frankivsk region


The largest in Ukraine representation of the coat of arms of Ukraine, lined with stone.

The Trident depiction of rock marl was lined in 1992 by Anastasiy Kozak, former soldier of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, on the hillside near the village Ostrynia in honor of the fallen colleagues and the first anniversary of the Ukrainian independence.

It is located in a place of the fierce battles between hundreds of Pylyp Orlyk’s Ukrainian insurgents and the Bolsheviks.

The dimensions of the stone symbol of Ukraine are 19 m high, 13 m wide; the height of its central part is 25 m.

This handmade symbol is clearly visible in satellite photographs of Ostrynia and, thanks to the apposite location, from all places neighboring to the village and from the auto-route "Ivano-Frankivsk - Kyiv."

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