Відкритий туризм: доступність відпочинку на Івано-Франківщині для людей з особливими потребами

Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

Ivano-Frankivsk City Hall (ratusha)


Market (Rynok) Square, Ivano-Frankivsk



The only public building with gilded dome in Ukraine


The first Ratusha in the city was built in 1672 in the style of the late Renaissance. It looked like nine-storied round tower with the stone foundation. The building was reconstructed several times. It had considerable damages during the World War II. After the reconstruction in 1935 the City Hall got cruciform shape and has remained in such a way to nowadays. The tower, which rises from the base of the cross, has the height of 49.5 meters with a dome at the end, which resembles a military helmet. During 1999-2000 within the last overhaul of City hall the dome (37 m2) was gilded, which turned the City Hall into the unique public building in Ukraine.

Today a regional local lore museum is located in the Ratusha.


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