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Geological memorial of national importance "Starunia"


Starunia village, Bohorodchany district,

Ivano-Frankivsk region


Unique monument with active mud volcano, which has no analogues in Ukraine.

The memorial is located on the area of 60 hectares. Here in the late XIX - early XX century the ozokerite’s mines were operating, during the developing of which in 1907 and 1929 mammoth carcasses well preserved in peat-swamp sediments, rhinoceros, and deer living on the territory of more than 25 thousand years ago were found.

Geological rocks create a complex tectonic fracture in this place on top of which is a volcano. It emerged in 1977 after an earthquake in Romania, the height of a cone at the time reached 3 meters, and mud flows consisting of oil and ozokerite spread at 50-60 meters distance.

Volcano acts with different intensity and frequency. The gases, oil, water of varying salinity are released out of many mini-craters.

 "Starunia" is a strange phenomenon of nature that can not be unambiguously explained.

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