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Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

Lake Maricheika


Shybene village, Verkhovyna district,

Ivano-Frankivsk region


The lake is situated in a large ice circus under the Shurin mountain; altitude: 1510 m above see level, length: 200 m, width - 100 m.

The lake name is connected with an interesting legend. It happened in the times when threatening invaders attacked our land destroying everything on their way. Only in mountains people might save themselves. But even there the enemies found them. From a distance Marichka, bride of shepherd Ivan, noticed strangers and said: "Run, my dear, to our family, warn them about fatal danger, and I'll try to stop them here”. He didn’t want to leave her, but neither could he doom parents, family and all Hutsul people on death. The beauty stayed alone and proudly bared the black forces way. Enraged enemies grabbed her, started to torture and demanded to take them out from the hateful mountains. The girl led the enemies in such evil wilds, that they couldn’t get out. Bared swords whistled over her head. And terrible storms and thunders appeared and moved lofty mountains, the stones fallen on horde heads, the earth became deep chasm. All invaders found their death in it. Marichka, Hutsuls protectress, died too. Her bridegroom Ivan wept a sea of tears that created the beautiful and majestic lake Maricheika.




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TIC "Verkhovyna"

st. Rybchuk, 7, Verkhovyna

tel.: +38 03432 21941, 21971


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