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Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

Pysaniy Kamin (Depicted Stone)


Bukovets village, Verkhovyna district,

Ivano-Frankivsk region


Unique nature creation (7.5 km to the Bukovetskiy Pass, 1220 m over the sea level).

Pysaniy Kamin is the giant sandstone rock up to 50 m long and as a three-storied building tall. Some time ago it was much bigger but as time passed by, it cracked and ruptured into smaller debris. The mysterious symbols – symmetric crosses, circles, rhombs, and schematic figures of humans were depicted on that rock during the ancient times. They are well noticeable in indirect sunrays during sunrises or sunsets. The nature of the Stone has always attracted numerous visitors to the place. There were Ivan Franko, Mykhaylo Kotsyubynskiy, Olga Kobylyanska, Vasyl Stefanyk, Gnat Khotkevych, Osyp Makovey here. Scientists consider that during the pre-Christian times there was a pagan sanctuary on the Pysaniy Kamin and those who worshipped sun and wind, land and mounts came here. There is a legend that Oleksa Dovbush (people’s avenger) blocked the entrance into the cave with immense treasures by the Stone.

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Tourist-informational centre 'Verkhovyna'

Rybchuka Str., 7, Verkhovyna

tel.:(03432) 2-19-41, 21971, (096) 372-44-00


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