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The astronomic-meteorological observatory building on the Pip Ivan mount (2028 m)


Pip Ivan mount,

Zelene village, Verkhovyna district,

Ivano-Frankivsk region




The highest located construction in Ukraine


The architectural monument of local value was built within 2 years at the cost of the Polish air military forces and opened on July 29, 1938.

The exterior walls up to 1,5 m thick were made of natural stones, inside - of brick, between them – heat-insulation layer of tarred corkboard on a metal net. The building had 43 rooms. There were conference room and living rooms on the ground floor; dining room, offices, hotel, communication room on the first floor; and room with astronomical and meteorological tools on the upper floor. The boiler, shower and sewer functioned.

The observatory was managed by Vladyslav Midovych from Mykulychyn village, who lived here with his family. At the beginning of the Second World War all the equipment was evacuated to Budapest astronomic observatory. The Soviet geophysical observatory was established here in 1940. At the end of 1941 the Hungarian troops organized an observation post in the observatory. After the War the equipment was transferred to Vienna and later – to Poland. In 1942 the soldiers left the building and everything that had at least some value began to disappear, and especially copper sheets from the roof – local inhabitants “hutsuls” made large bowls of it for cheese cooking. Since that time the observatory building has gradually become a ruin. And only the walls have remained till now.


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