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Karaite cemetery


Halych, Ivano-Frankivsk region


On the high hill of the right bank of Dniester a Karaite cemetery is situated. There are preserved about 50 gravestones. The oldest of them date back to XVII century. Karaite community existed in Halych since the middle of XIII century. The main occupation of Karaites was trade and hence they settled near the wharf. According to one of the versions 100 Crimean Karaites were allowed to live in Halych under the Agreement of 1246 between the King Danylo Halytskyi and Khan Batyi. Since that time this people lives in Halychyna. Along the right bank of Dniester not far from the center of Halych stretches Karaimska Street. Formerly here was Karaite chapel – “kenesa” which was ruined in 1985. Now there is a Karaite History and Culture Museum. The exposition tells about Halych Karaites’ way of life and unique landmarks of their culture.  

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