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Ruins of Rakovets Castle (1660)


Rakovets village, Ivano-Frankivsk region


The castle was found at the beginning of the XVII by the Dominick Voycekh Benievskyi, court circle servant of Halych. Being unfinished in 1657 it already had stand a siege of the Cossack colonel A. Zhdanovych, sent by Bohdan Khmelnytskyi to help Transylvanian voevode Yurii II Rakotsa. In 1667 the Castle had stand siege of Tatars.

During wars in 1672 and 1676 the castle was got and strongly damaged by Turks. In 1685-1691 the Rakovets Castle played an important role in the Hungarian campaign of the Polish King Yan Sobesky against the Turks. The Castle had existed until it was ruined during Bars confederation in 1768 (protest actions of the part of magnates and gentry against the King Stanislav August Poniatovsky).




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