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Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

"Carpathian tram"


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The only in the Ukrainian Carpathians sightseeing tour by the narrow-gauge railway with gauge width of 760 mm, almost twice less than the traditional European one


On the territories of Boikivshchyna narrow gauge railway was built in the early twentieth century. It became indispensable in the Austro-Hungarian timber preparation, processing and sale. Until that time the wood had been floated along the rivers by “Klauzen” company.

The first three km from Vyhoda to Stary Mizun village were built in 1900. The Mizun railway line, which has the arranged tourist route now, was launched in 1920 (within two years after the start of the construction). Until 1939, this branch got length of 65 km. The horse draft power was replaced by the steam locomotives. In Soviet times, the railway began to decline gradually, since due to the cheapness of the fuel the wood was transported by vehicles.

The tourist route "Carpathian tram" along the fully restored Mizun branch of the former industrial narrow-gauge railway was established in 2002. It goes by the picturesque Carpathian places along the Mizunka river’s banks to the foot of mount. Magura in the direction of Mizun - Oak corner, Myndunok Solotvyno – Sobol.


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