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Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

“Kniazhdvirsky” botanic reserve of national value


Kniazhdvir village, Kolomya district

tel.:+380 3433 64423, + 380 3433 23872

te./fax +380 3433 22421

e-mail: koldlg@gmail.com



The largest plantation of common yew in Ukraine, the second largest in Europe


The reserve has an area of 208 hectares, 70 of which are occupied by common yew trees. That is a relic flora of the Tertiary, a coniferous evergreen tree of yew family with life duration 2000 - 4000 years. It grows in form of bush or tree and can reach 25 meters in height. The tree grows very slowly - annual increase in diameter doesn’t exceed 1.5 mm. First flowering and fruitage begin in 20-30 years. The edible nuts ripen of red-colored berries at the end of August. The exceptionally high-quality yew wood (hard and elastic) in ancient times was used for producing of the various things, mostly - bows, wooden nails. Yew wood, roots and needles contain poisonous toxin.

There is a Museum of the Carpathians’ Flora and Fauna on the territory of reserve. Museum’s exposition presents information about local nature and climatic peculiarities, rare and endangered species of animals, birds and plants.


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Halytska str., 4A,
phone/fax +380 342 502474
e-mail: rtic.if.ua@gmail.com

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