Відкритий туризм: доступність відпочинку на Івано-Франківщині для людей з особливими потребами

Музейне Коло Прикарпаття

An introductory tour of the project "Route kindness Ivano-Frankivsk"

From 2 to 4 December the route Ivano-Frankivsk - Krylos - Galich - Rohatyn - Coloma - Knyazhdvir - Yaren - Ivano-Frankivsk trial was conducted round the project of "Route kindness Ivano-Frankivsk. Recreational program designed for travelers with disabilities and includes visits to those facilities and recreation at facilities that are available, able and willing to work with tourists with disabilities.
December 2nd tour participants visited the Museum of Ancient Galic in Krylos, Museum of Nature in Galician National Park, the Museum of Karaites and Church of the Nativity in Galicia, a memorial museum of wooden architecture and painting XVI-XIX. - Church of the Holy Spirit and the Museum-Estate of Nicholas Uhryn-sinless in Rohatyn, where the familiar figure of Roksolany homeland and Nastia Lisovska. On the way back before the gates opened to guests in a single white-stone church survived Ukraine Middle Ages St. Panteleimon in the village. Shevchenkove.

The next day inva-tourist path to prolih Kolomiyskogo area where it visited the National Museum of Folk Art Hutsulshchyna Pokuttia them. J. Kobrin Eggs and museum, where tour participants took part in master classes with Easter egg painting and weaving spiders Christmas, then tour members visited the village Knyazhdvir, which familiarized with the private sector "princely town.

The third day of trial round on Yaremche informed on nature and ecology of the Carpathians. In particular, a visit to the center of ecological tourism visit the Carpathian National Nature Park. Tour ended in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Participation in the first so-called "test", leaving representatives of travel agencies, media, public organizations, disabled, people with visual impairments and tourists in wheelchairs. Comprehensive wish all participants a test round will help improve the enforcement of the route and offer him a future tourist groups, among which may be people with special needs.

Project Route kindness Ivano-Frankivsk "RTITS implemented in cooperation with the Young Disabled" Brotherhood "with the assistance of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives and the Department of Tourism, European Integration, Foreign Relations and Investments Administration.
The organizers express their sincere thanks for their help in organizing and conducting the tour: the national park "Ancient Galich", Galician and Carpathian National Nature Park, National Museum of Folk Art Hutsulshchyna Pokuttia them. J. Kobrin, Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Art Museum, the hotel "Hope", "Waterfall", for "Ivano-Frankivskturyst ', the Transport Department, State Administration.

For more information, please contact the Regional Tourist Information Center at: ul. Galician, 4a, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76 004, ext. 0342 502474; e-mail: ng@tourism-carpathian.com.ua (subject "route kindness"); www.inva-tour.if.ua.

Halytska str., 4A,
phone/fax +380 342 502474
e-mail: rtic.if.ua@gmail.com

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